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What is VOILA Structural Joint Balancing?

The law of Ockham's Razor states that "The simplest solution to a problem is always the best." Put simply, VOILA finds that solution.


VOILA is an innovative and progressive healthcare system designed to address areas of altered equilibrium within the body. These areas can produce all kinds of symptoms within the body. This fluid and dynamic system is designed to quickly identify these areas of altered equilibrium and correct them in the simplest way for the longest lasting results.

Andrew explaining the cranial bones

How does VOILA work?

The human body is a container for a series of pressure systems, very similar to a boiler in your house. Each of these systems are connected and contained by diaphragms within the body (pressure valves).


By treating these diaphragms (adjusting the pressure valves) we can change and balance the pressures within the body to allow them to synchronise. Think of this like a balloon- if there is no air pressure in the balloon it will not work, if there is to much air pressure it will burst. If we apply the right amount of air pressure the balloon works perfectly.


Synchronisation of the bodies pressure systems will allow you to generate true core strength that does not rely on breath holding or unnatural muscle holding and activity.

Andrew performing joint balancing

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Our award winning team of clinicians provide cutting edge treatment throughout north Staffordshire at our Stoke-on-Trent and Leek clinics.


We treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions using a variety of different methods allowing treatment to be tailored specifically to you.  If for any reason your condition cannot be treated we will ensure you are referred to an appropriate health care professional and that you are moved forward in the process of resolving your condition.


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