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What Is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK) uses manual muscle testing to evaluate areas of dysfunction within the body. It uses the principle that the body is a self maintaining, self-correcting structure. This is seen in everyday life for example, in the healing of cuts and bruises.


The technique of AK is primarily concerned with neuromuscular function and how it is related to structural, chemical and mental wellbeing. This is known as the triad of health.


In order for a human to be healthy they must have a balance of chemical, structural and mental health to form a perfect triangle. When a person has ill health or a disease at least one of these factors is involved, and often two or all three.


It is imperative in the treatment of any person that all 3 areas are analysed and balanced to ensure the triad of health is restored allowing the patient achieves optimal health.

The triad of health

What will our applied kinesiology practitioner do?

When you see an AK practitioner, expect to be involved! They, with your help, will test for changes in structural, chemical and mental/emotional areas of your health. Treatment often involves manipulative therapy, nutritional supplementation, dietary and life style advice, emotional release work and self-treatment guidelines.


The true advantage of AK is that practitioners no longer need to rely on chemical or invasive technology to treat the patient. Due to the hands on nature of manual muscle testing patients are actively involved in their own healthcare and can IMMEDIATELY see the benefit that the treatment will have on their health. This allows, over time, the patient to become much more aware of their own state of health meaning they can become far more proactive about their health.


The findings of an AK examination can easily be collaborated and supported, as needed, with radiographic imaging, blood tests, urinalysis, MRI scans and other examination procedures making for a hugely expansive healthcare system.

Nutritional (orthomolecular) testing kit

Testing for emotions changes in the nervous system

Who needs applied kinesiology?

The simple fact is everyone can benefit from AK. The technique will cover all your basic structural pain treatment and then take your whole health FAR beyond this. For those who simply wish to be out of pain in the short to mid term or have no interest in their future well being then we recommend our basic course of structural only chiropractic care to ensure you are getting what YOU want from your time at the clinic.

Andrew performing manual muscle testing

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